This programme is designed for new, existing and aspiring Middle Leaders who have responsibility for leading subjects, key phases, pastoral roles or other aspects of the school’s work. It is suitable for Middle Leaders in every educational context including early years environments, primary schools, special schools through to large faculties in secondary schools.

The aims of the programme: -

Our programme is focused on developing Middle Leaders who will understand:

  • the difference between Leadership and Management and how they can use both sets of   skills effectively
  • their personal capabilities and characteristics and how  that knowledge can enable them to impact on others
  • the key elements of effective learning and teaching and how they can achieve them in their area(s) of responsibility
  • their responsibilities as leaders and how they can make the most of their roles
  • how to articulate and model their own beliefs and values with confidence

Kanre J, Early Years Leader, Hansey Green Primary School, Surrey

“… I know we’ve said it already, but thank you again, for one of the most regarding training programmes we’ve ever attended. We feel we’ve learnt so much (although there’s still a lot to learn), and your coaching sessions have been quite a revelation! I hope and plan to continue the good work you’ve put in, making sure I give my coaches time, when I coach rather than lead or talk!

I would and will recommend your programme to anyone, as we’ve all got so much from it, and in different ways. I hope we will get the chance to work together in the future…”